What is Line of Axis or 180 Degree Rule

What is Line of Axis or 180 Degree Rule

What is Line of Axis or 180 Degree Rule? When we tell a story it consists of many sequences. We create several scenes and they make a story together. There are many rules in making these scenes. Line of Axis is one of them and also a important one. It is also called 180 Degree rule.

” An imaginary line called the axis connects the characters, and by keeping the camera on one side of this axis for every shot in the scene, the first character is always frame right of the second character, who is then always frame left of the first. The camera passing over the axis is called jumping the line or crossing the line; breaking the 180-degree rule by shooting on all sides is known as shooting in the round.” -Wikipidia.

Watch our video to know what actually Line of Axis or 180 Degree Rule is, and how it works.

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