Basic of Videography

Basic of Videography

Basic of Videography

Welcome to our professional network, and we are happy to inform you that is the first and biggest professional network in Bangladesh. So let’s go with us. Basic of videography course ( Video Editing ), Digital Course by

This course contains all the materials needed to learn easily for three months. After the course we will promote you with our money depending on your result. Your work will be exhibited before thousands of viewers.

Lecturer Name: Ali Ahamed Namen In charge Video Editor at Desh TV

Course Details:

  • Make Your Own Video
  • What is Shot
  • video shot sizes
  • Make Drama video sequence
  • Make News or documentary video sequence
  • Make a video sequence Chroma ( green screen )
  • Double role character (videography and software)

Regular price 700 tk
Discount 43%
Discount price 400 tk
Call for order: 0155 666 8888

Course Intro Video


  1. Basic of Videography

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