Belancer First Bangladeshi Online Marketplace

Belancer First Bangladeshi Online Marketplace

Belancer is a Bangladeshi online marketplace where companies and freelance professionals connect and collaborate remotely. Local companies or organizations and people can buy and sell services such as design, online marketing, writing, web & mobile app development & any other online-based service. The payment will be made via local payment gateways.

Bangladesh is the 3rd largest freelancer destination and the number of unemployed graduates is increasing every day creating opportunity for further growth. At the same time, number of IT companies, SMEs and startups is growing too.

Belancer aims to tap into these opportunities. If you are looking to complete any online projects done by professionals or you are able to complete any online projects then signup and get started with Belancer today.

In this video founder and CEO of Md. Shofiul Alam describing about the processes of his website.

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