Bangla cinematography tutorial / Shoot Size

Bangla Cinematography tutorial / Shoot Size . You can frame your subject in different ways, and these different farmings are called shot sizes. Extreme long shot, long shot, mid-long shot, mid shot, mid closeup, closeup, big closeup know what they are. Watch our video to know what actually Shot Size is, and how it works. […]

Physical Medium Fiber Optic Cables

Learn the basics of computer networking in bangla. Networking tutorial part 8 for beginners. Get networking lessons video step by step. Get more on Computer networking is essential for IT sectors. Learn the basic concepts with our specialist. See how it functions. Watch this video & give us your feedback in comment section.

Career opportunities are in the Event Management Industries

Event management is the planning of everything for an event and organizing the event successfully as planned. And also overcoming any difficulties during the event. General role of an event manager is to manage an event successfully. There are things event manager has to maintain in order to make the event perfect. How is event […]