Professional Video Editor । Career Suggestion

This is all about Video Editing profession in bangladeshi TV channel . This is perfect job for media and film lovers. We will discuss about the alternative professions out of the mainstreams so you can easily choose your one. Don’t waste your time in wrong track. Lets know about the Video Editing . How much […]

Cinematography and lenses bangla । Independent film maker

Manipulation of time and space is film. Basic Cinematography is the soul of a good film. The elements and different types of cinematographic techniques can improve the quality of your film to another level. And not to forget about the shots, the building block for a film! LIKE this video if you enjoyed it, SHARE […]

What is innovation ? Idea or Implementation

What is innovation??? Innovation is abstract before implementation. So definition of “innovation” is different from different point of views. Samira Zuberi Himika is a renowned dreamer and entrepreneur of several innovative projects in Bangladesh. In the question of “Innovation” she describes from her perspective that Idea or implementation which is essential to get success in […]