IPTV Setup & How To Earn From IPTV

Start Your Own IPTV Business and Learn How to IPTV Setup, Budget, Planning & How You will Earn from IPTV.

IPTV or Internet TV is the Modern & Latest TV Technology Where IPTV could benefit much more than the satellite TV. Today’s TV viewers watch TV more comfortable on their Portable Device Where Only the IPTV or Internet TV Technology can reached that Viewer’s.
Satellite TV is Very Costly Than IPTV but Where A satellite TV can Cover only specific Footprint only But IPTV Can Cover Whole the World where Internet is Available. IPTV Viewer’s are able to watch TV From Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, Smart TV, Set-top, Tablet Etc. But Satellite TV Viewer’s is Limited only The TV Set .

This Tutorial is Provided By , Mr. SALAUDDIN SALIM, Head of Broadcast & IT, SOMOY TV, Who was Developed the First time “IPTV & Mobile TV” on 2006 In Bangladesh. He also Successfully Set-up More Than 3 IPTV on USA And Bangladesh.
In this tutorial you will Learn:
How to Start Your IPTV, Equipment Required for IPTV, Technical Budget for IPTV, How to IPTV Work, How to get IPTV License, etc.

What is innovation ? Idea or Implementation

What is innovation??? Innovation is abstract before implementation. So definition of “innovation” is different from different point of views. Samira Zuberi Himika is a renowned dreamer and entrepreneur of several innovative projects in Bangladesh. In the question of “Innovation” she describes from her perspective that Idea or implementation which is essential to get success in an innovative project. How to fight or cope up with the situation and barriers with practical knowledge and teamwork.

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Take a Brief

Event management is the planning of everything for an event and organizing the event successfully as planned. And also overcoming any difficulties during the event.

General role of an event manager is to manage an event successfully. There are things event manager has to maintain in order to make the event perfect.

How is event management as a business? It’s a huge industry. A huge amount of money is spending on event management in both Bangladesh and internationally.

In order to successfully execute an event you have to pass several levels. Most important thing in these steps is taking a brief from the client about the event before planning. The more you can learn from this brief the more you gain the possibility to execute the event successfully. There are several key things to clear in this brief. Watch the video to learn those things.

Television News Production

A television news producer is a person who oversees all aspects of video production on a television news program. Some producers take an executive role. Watch the video to learn more about television news production.

In this video Kaji Taposh, honorable head of production, ATN news describing what a television news producer does and how to become a good television news produce.

How to Shoot Size Videography Tutorial

You can frame your subject in different ways, and these different farmings are called shot sizes. Extreme long shot, long shot, mid-long shot, mid shot, mid closeup, closeup, big closeup know what they are.

Watch our video to know what actually Shot Size is, and how it works.

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Physical Medium Fiber Optic Cables

Learn the basics of computer networking in bangla. Networking tutorial part 8 for beginners. Get networking lessons video step by step. Get more on https://www.clickntech.com

Computer networking is essential for IT sectors. Learn the basic concepts with our specialist. See how it functions. Watch this video & give us your feedback in comment section.

Acting lessons ( Preparation of Actor ) Bangla

Acting is a art. And we have come with the techniques and many aspect about this art for you in your very own language. Acting lessons for beginners in Bangla.

This video is about the preparation of an actor for his or her acting. Means to understand the character and preparing himself about how he is going to do it. An actor must fully prepared for what he is doing before going in front of the camera.

In this video tutorial Partha Pratim, actor of Arshinagar Theater group, explaining different mediums of acting in Bangla.

Recording Studio Create at your Home

Building a home recording studio is very attractive and interesting thing for the audio geeks. It was a dream for most to create a home recording studio back in the old days.

Nowadays it become easy enough to set up a home recording studio. Even though it’s easy, many people don’t know where to start.

In this video we tried to give a basic overview of what you need to build a home recording studio, step-by-step.

News Presenting Terminologies

A news anchor is one who presents the news to you when you switch on your national/international news channel. One needs to work his/her way up the media ladder is an organisation to finally get the prestigious position of an anchor for a program. And we have come with the techniques and many aspect about this TV news presenter for you in your very own language. TV news presenter lessons for beginners in Bangla.

In this video Soriful Haq a famous TV news presenter discussing about the terminologies used in news presenting.

Learn news reading tips for a TV news reporter with expert journalism advice from an experienced broadcast journalist in this free television career video clip.

Tips About TV News Presenter, Tutorial

In this video Javed Kardar a famous TV news presenter discussing the facts you need to know to become a tv news anchor.

Learn news reading tips for a TV news reporter with expert journalism advice from an experienced broadcast journalist in this free television career video clip.

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